Breaks for Carers

February 2019

  • 5th February  10am – 12pm MIND Workshop- The Importance of Wellbeing- The Centre, Baglan
  • 7th February 10am – 1pm  Healthy Cooking Session- Foods to Boost Energy- Taibach Community Centre
  • 19th February  10am – 12pm MIND Workshop- The Danger of Burnout- The Centre, Baglan
  • 20th February  10am – 1pm  Craft Session with Lunch (Needle felting) The Centre, Baglan
  • 21st February  10am – 1pm  Healthy Cooking Session- Easy Family Meals- The Centre, Baglan
  • 26th February  10am – 1pm Craft Session with lunch- Paper crafts- The Centre, Baglan
  • 27th February 10am – 12pm Information Coffee Morning- The Centre, Baglan

March 2019

  • 4th March Regional Celebrating Carers Event 10.30am- 2.30pm- The Towers Hotel, Jersey Marine, Swansea Bay
  • 5th March  10am- 12pm MIND Workshop- Looking after your Physical Health, The Centre, Baglan
  • 7th March- 10am-1pm- Cooking Session- Healthy Snacks- The Centre, Baglan
  • 12th March 10am-1pm- Conversation Cafe (Carers Roundtable Discussions) The Centre, Baglan
  • 14th March 10am-1pm- Cooking Session- Foods to Boost Energy, The Centre, Baglan
  • 19th March 10am-12pm- MIND Workshop- The Power of Sleep, The Centre, Baglan

For information or to book onto the above events contact the service on 01639 642277